Let’s make Friday the 13th LUCKY for black cats at Midcoast Humane!

Adopt a black cat this Friday and adoption fees will be 50% off the usual rate.

And in case you are wondering…where does the superstition that black cats are unlucky come from?

The idea that black cats are unlucky appears to date back to the middle ages – often called the dark ages for good reason as people didn’t understand science and turned to mysticism for answers – when folks believed that black cats were familiars to witches, or that witches could actual turn into black cats.  The belief was widespread in most of Europe, however, people in the U.K. had a different take on black cats:  they believed them to be lucky.  It was said that pirates would ‘test’ their new ships by placing a black cat on it; if the cat immediately jumped off the ship, it was likely to sink.  If they stayed on the ship and started hunting mice and other vermin, it was said to be a promising sign that the ship was sound.

In any case, can we all agree now that black cats are no luckier or unluckier than any other pet?  Come to 30 Range Road, Brunswick this Friday from noon to 6:00 p.m. to find your new family member.

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