Dear Friend,

For over 70 years, your kindness and generosity have kept thousands of animals warm, fed, safe, and loved.

Have you ever heard of “kitten season?” It typically starts in the spring, when litter after litter of newborn kittens come into shelters across the country. Last year’s kitten season never ended in the Midcoast region. Since January, 2023, we have already taken in almost 100 kittens under the age of three months, and kitten season has not yet ‘officially’ begun.

Udon is one of 362 newborn kittens that came into Midcoast Humane in 2022. She was born inside a humane animal trap, where her feral mother had been captured. Luckily, a kind neighbor brought Udon to our Brunswick campus, where she was immediately placed in foster care. In the comfort of her foster home, she was fed, stimulated, and cleaned every two hours for weeks until she began to thrive. Now, she lives with a wonderful family, and spends time with her canine brother and two feline sisters.

But, it’s not just kittens. Eleven puppies have been born into our care and fourteen bunnies under the age of one month have been brought to the shelter as strays, or from owners who could no longer keep them. Our experience tells us that these numbers are a harbinger of extraordinarily challenging times ahead.

The reality is that baby animals require more resources than their adult counterparts. Kitten milk replacer formula, dry and wet food, litter, vaccines, dewormer, and spay/neuter are the bare basics of what we need to provide. Thanks to friends like you, we know we will be able to medically care for these animals and place them in loving homes.

Can we count on your support to help us care for Maine’s most delicate and fragile animals?

On behalf of the board, staff, volunteers, fosters, and of course, all the animals,




Jess Townsend
Executive Director
207-449-1366 ext. 101

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Udon, at only a few days old.

Udon, basking in the sunlight in her home. 

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