In response to a rising trend in unaltered pets and unplanned litters entering the shelter, we are hosting two Public Spay/Neuter Clinics for dogs and cats. The clinics will take place at the shelter’s facility at 5 Industrial Parkway in Brunswick on Thursday, August 31st, Thursday, September 21st, Thursday, October 19th, and Thursday, November 30th. All surgeries include the rabies vaccine, feline and canine distemper vaccines, microchips, pain medication and nail trims.

These lower cost clinics are intended to help the people who live in the communities served by Midcoast Humane, from Falmouth to Somerville. There are a limited number of spots available, and registration is required. The fees are: Feline Spay $130, Feline Neuter $100 – $130. Canine surgeries are based on the weight of the dogs and range from $225 dollars for dogs under 25 pounds to $350 for dogs over 91 pounds. Optional services include the Feline Heartworm test ($45), Canine Heartworm Test ($45), E-Collar ($10) and Deworming ($10).

Pet owners who wish to participate in these clinics must make an appointment by emailing Midcoast Humane’s Community Resource Manager, Tammy Walsh, at or calling (207) 449-1366 x303. 

This clinic is not intended to replace the relationship between pet owners and their veterinarians, which is crucial to helping pets live their healthiest lives.

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