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Lost and Found Pets

It is important to take immediate action if your pet goes missing. Make sure your pet is properly identified with collar and tag as well as a microchip. If your pet goes missing or if you’ve found a stray dog, cat, or domesticated small animal, follow the steps below and call us with any questions at (207) 449-1366 x208.

To see a list of our current stray animals, click here.

My Pet is Missing

If your pet is missing, it is important to do the following as soon as possible:

Thoroughly check your house for your pet, down to every nook and cranny. Look behind closed doors, in closets and behind furniture. Check with your family members to find out when they last saw the animal.

Contact your Animal Control Officer to find out if she/he has brought the animal to the shelter or if anyone has reported seeing your animal. Leave a detailed description of your pet with your Animal Control Officer.

Let your neighbors know you are missing your pet.

If Midcoast Humane is your contracted animal shelter, REPORT YOUR MISSING PET to us in the next section. Call us at (207) 449-1366 to see if any animals have been brought in that match your pets description.  Check in frequently!  By filling out the lost pet form, we’ll have all your information on file. You can upload an image as well.  If we are not your contracted animal shelter, call your town office to find out. See a list of towns that hold contracts with Midcoast Humane.

Browse a complete list of ALL stray animals that are in our care on this page.

Get the word out. Make fliers with your pet’s name, a color, high-quality photo of your pet, a detailed physical description of your animal (size, sex, age, color, breed) when and where you last saw him/her, and include prominent contact information. Include any distinguishing physical characteristics about your pet (e.g. “white patch on left rear paw”) and whether or not your pet normally wears a collar.  Make the fliers as clear and easy to read as possible and put them up EVERYWHERE.

Ask friends, family and neighbors to go out and help you look for your pet. Call for your pet by name in the woods and along streets.

Post a lost ad with local newspapers, Craigslist, and Facebook, and be sure to check for reports of found animals. Maine Lost Dog Recovery and Maine Lost Cat Recovery are two fantastic active Facebook communities that get the word out about missing and found animals in the state of Maine.

Don’t give up!  Call us and check our website regularly for signs of your lost pet. Sometimes lost animals show up in shelters months after they disappear! (And don’t forget to get your pet micropchipped!)

Report a Missing Pet
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I Found a Lost Pet

If you think you have found someone’s pet, call your Animal Control Officer, who should have reports of missing animals on file and will advise you on next steps. Read HSUS’s tips on how to help a stray animal.  If the dog, cat, or small domesticated animal truly appears stray (thin, injured, generally unkempt in appearance) you should inform your Animal Control Officer, who may come pick up the animal.  The animal can also be brought to either our Brunswick or Edgecomb Campuses during open hours. (Midcoast Humane does not have a license to care for wildlife.)

If you have found a cat that appears healthy, it could be someone’s indoor/outdoor pet. One solution is to create a paper collar for the cat with your information on it, that asks the owner to contact you to let you know the cat is safe and has a home. Be sure to check with neighbors, too, to see if the animal could be theirs. Your animal control officer may also assist with scanning for a microchip; if not, all incoming animals are scanned at Midcoast Humane.

Midcoast Humane's Stray Animal Protocol

When a stray animal comes through our doors, we do our best to get them back home as soon as possible. The first thing we do is scan for a microchip or look for other identification to use to contact the owner. If we find none, we list the animal on our Stray Animals page, as well as search our lost reports. We report the animal to Maine Lost Dog Recovery or Maine Lost Cat Recovery on Facebook, and check with local Animal Control Officers about whether they have any lost reports matching the animal’s description. 

Maine’s stray hold period, or the amount of time the shelter is required by law to hold incoming stray animals before putting them up for adoption, is 6 days for dogs and 2 days for cats. Midcoast Humane’s policy is to hold stray dogs for 7 days and stray cats for 2 days before they are put up for adoption. If no owner comes forward during the stray hold period, the animal is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and put on our adoption floor. The animal is listed on our Adoption page but will still be listed on our Stray Animals page.

More Resources

Maine Lost Dog Recovery and Maine Lost Cat Recovery are two very active Facebook communities and excellent resources for owners of lost pets in Maine, posting on behalf of owners of missing animals and offering many tips and tools. See also these articles from the HSUS and Petfinder on what to do if your pet is missing.

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