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April 2021

The Boothbay Register, April 19, 2021 Midcoast Humane Donates Microchip Scanners
The Times Record, April 18, 2021 Brunswick Area Animal Shelter to Distribute Microchip Scanners to Local Communities
WGME 13, April 16, 2021 Midcoast Humane Helps Lost Pets Reunite With Their Owners Through Microchips
WGME 13, April 14, 2021 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
Bangor Daily News,
April 2, 2021 Barn Cats are the Homesteading Partners You Didn’t Know You Need

March 2021

WGME 13, March 22, 2021 Community Steps up to Help Maine Animal Shelter with Mobile Surgical Unit
WGME 13, March 17, 2021 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
The Times Record,
March 15 2021 In photos: The cats and dogs of Midcoast Humane
The Times Record, March 14, 2021 Despite Fewer Pet Adoptions in 2020, Animal Rescue Services Report a Spike in Interest During the Pandemic
The Times Record, March 3, 2021  Brunswick Mobile Animal Hospital Severely Damaged in Windstorm
WMTW 8, March 3 2021 Tree Damages Maine Animal Shelter’s Mobile Surgical Vehicle
WGME 13, March 3, 2021 Maine Animal Shelter’s Surgical Vehicle Severely Damaged During Windstorm

February 2021

WGME 13, February 24, 2021  Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
WGME 13,
February 4, 2021 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

January 2021

WGME 13, January 13, 2021 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
The Press Herald,
January 12, 2021 Cat reunited with owner after 5 years missing
Bangor Daily News, January 8, 2021 Maine cat is reunited with his family 5 years after he went missing
People Magazine, January 7, 2021 Maine Cat Missing for 5 Years Back Home After Owner Spots Feline’s Photo on Shelter Website


December 2020

The Times Record, December 3, 2020 Midcoast Humane, a puppy and her person: Organization honored in national contest for bringing together two best friends
WGME 13, December 3, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

November 2020

WGME 13, November 11, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

October 2020

WGME 13, October 21, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

September 2020

WGME 13, September 9, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

August 2020

The Boothbay Register, August 28, 2020 Midcoast Humane Announces Sweeping Revitalization Efforts
WGME 13, August 28, 2020 A Maine Animal Shelter is Getting a Big Face Lift
The Times Record, August 28, 2020 Midcoast Humane Announces ‘Sweeping Revitalization,’ Plans for New Multi-Million Dollar Facility
Lincoln County Television, August 26, 2020 Community Conversations with guest Mary P. Sundeen
WGME 13, August 19, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

July 2020

WGME 13, July 29, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
WGME 13, July 24, 2020 Maine Family Adopts Abandoned Dog They Found Tied to Tree
WGME 13, July 22, 2020 The Benefits of Having a Pet During the Pandemic
WGME 13, July 20, 2020 Community Steps up to Help Midcoast Humane After They Lost Multiple Streams of Revenue
WGME 13, July 20, 2020 Maine animal shelters in desperate need of donations due to coronavirus pandemic
WGME 13, July 8, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

June 2020

Lincoln County Television, June 24, 2020 Community Conversations with Mary Sundeen
WGME 13, June 17, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane

May 2020

WMEA 90.1FM, May 14, 2020. Maine Calling on Maine Public Radio. Veterinary News: We Learn About Pets & Covid-19; Surge in Adoptions; Pet Care During the Crisis.

April 2020

The Boothbay Register, April 29, 2020 Pets and COVID-19
The Times Record,
April 6, 2020 Pet Adoptions can be ‘Silver Lining’ of Pandemic, but Shelter in Dire Need of Donations to Keep Going

March 2020

The Lincoln County News, March 26, 2020 Midcoast Humane Appoints First Medical Director
The Times Record,
March 15, 2020 Midcoast Humane Appoints First Medical Director
WCME 99.5FM and 900AM,
March 13, 2020 Covid-19 Response on the Midcoast Morning Buzz with Jim Bleikamp
News Center Maine, March 4, 2020 Midcoast Humane to offer rabies vaccine clinic following string of rabid fox attacks in Bath

February 2020

The Times Record, Febraury 24, 2020 Midcoast Humane to Host Emergency Rabies Clinic
The Boothbay Register,
February 25, 2020 Midcoast Humane to Host Emergency Rabies Clinic in Bath March 4
The Boothbay Register,
February 17, 2020 10 Families Adopt Dogs During Midcoast Humane Event
News Center Maine, February 15, 2020 Fetch ME a Home: a Double Dose of Puppy Love
WGME 13, February 3, 2020 Fur-Ever Friend: Midcoast Humane
The Furniture Super Store Commercial

January 2020

News Center Maine, January 25, 2020 Fetch ME a Home: Dosi the Dog
Press Herald January 15, 2020 Midcoast Humane to Host Rabies Clinic in Cumberland



June 2019

The Times Record, June 27, 2019 Pet of the Week: Fran the cat seeking retirement home
Portland Press Herald,
June 23, 2019 The Maine Millennial: ‘No Paw Left Behind’ aims to put shelter pets in homes
WCSH News Center,
June 8, 2019 Fetch ME a Home (mention): Forever Friend Adoption Event  
Wiscasset Newspaper,
June 7, 2019 WES students give to Midcoast Humane
The Times Record, June 4, 2019 Pet of the Week: Meet Cassie

May 2019

The Times Record, May 30, 2019 Pet of the Week: Meet Wasabe
WCSH News Center,
May 25, 2019 Fetch ME a Home: Cassie
WCSH News Center, May 11, 2019 Fetch ME a Home (mention): Harley Quinn
The Times Record,
May 10, 2019 Midcoast Humane welcomes 55 West Virginia cats in Welcome ME Home Rescue Program
The Times Record,
May 8, 2019 Pet of the Week: Meet Cylene
Boothbay Register,
May 8, 2019 Midcoast Humane welcomes 55 West Virginia Cats
via Bangor Daily News, May 7, 2019 No Paw Left Behind finds homes for hard to place Maine pets
Bangor Daily News
, May 7, 2019 No Paw Left Behind finds homes for hard to place Maine pets
The Times Record,
May 6, 2019 Midcoast Humane to host 17th annual plant sale to benefit shelter animals
Boothbay Register, May 5, 2019 Midcoast Humane’s 17th annual Plant Sale to benefit shelter animals
WCSH News Center,
May 1, 2019 Maine shelter seeks plant donations to help thousands of animals
Downeast Dog News, May 1, 2019 Making a Difference One Pup at a Time

April 2019

The Times Record, April 30, 2019 Pet of the week: Meet Fred
WBALTV 11, April 29, 2019 Teen cat whisperer recognized for clocking nearly 1,900 hours of dedication to feline friends
WMTW Portland,
April 15, 2019 Community Champion: Teenager gives her time to help animals who need forever homes
WCSH News Center,
April 14, 2019 Fetch ME a Home: Joan Jett and ‘No Paw Left Behind’ animals
The Times Record,
April 11, 2019  Pet of the Week: Meet Tyson
Boothbay Register, April 5, 2019 Midcoast Humane adoption events April 13
Sun Journal, April 1, 2019 Midcoast Humane launches ‘No Paw Left Behind’ program

March 2019

The Forecaster, March 27, 2019 Brunswick animal shelter places new emphasis on long-term residents
The Times Record, March 22, 2019 Midcoast Humane launches new initiative to find homes for animals within 90 days
WGME 13, March 22, 2019 Midcoast Humane works to make a difference for overlooked pets
The Forecaster, March 13, 2019 Brunswick teen’s passion for animal welfare pays off
The Times Record, March 11, 2019 Brunswick teen honored for volunteer work, finding homes for more than 100 cats
Wiscasset Newspaper
, March 5, 2019  Midcoast Humane town meeting dispels rumors

February 2019

WGME 13, February 28, 2019 Midcoast Humane hopes to find home for special cat
WCSH News Center, February 23, 2019 Fetch ME a home: Padfoot the bunny
Boothbay Register, February 16, 2019 Midcoast Humane holds local town hall meetings Feb. 27, March 1





December 2018

The Times Record December 27, 2018 More than 75 animals adopted, another five placed on “layaway” for holidays, many animals still awaiting homes at Midcoast Humane
Bangor Daily News (originally published in Lincoln County News) December 27, 2018 Midcoast animal shelter to swap onsite adoptions for ‘mobile events’
Sun Journal, December 12, 2018 Midcoast Humane Society to hold holiday adoption event

November 2018

The Times Record, November 12, 2018 Nearly 20 dogs are adopted in Brunswick after being removed from a house where police say they were mistreated
Bangor Daily News, November 11, 2018 Dogs seized from Brunswick home adopted
WCSH 6 News Center, November 10, 2018 Over 20 dogs adopted at Brunswick humane society event
Portland Press Herald, November 10, 2018  As dogs seized at Brunswick home are adopted, an early bird gets her ‘Birdie’
Boothbay Register, November 8, 2018 Dogs from Brunswick seizure up for adoption Nov. 10 at Midcoast Humane
WCSH 6 News Center November 8, 2018  20 dogs seized from Brunswick breeder to go up for adoption
WGME 13, November 7, 2018 Dogs seized from Brunswick home go up for adoption Saturday
Bangor Daily News, November 7, 2018 Dogs seized in Brunswick animal cruelty cases go up for adoption Saturday
Lewiston Sun Journal November 7, 2018  Midcoast Humane takes adoptions mobile
The Coastal Journal November 2, 2018 Midcoast Humane to hold 1st Annual ‘Shelter-bration’

October 2018

Boothbay Register, October 23, 2018 ‘Shelter-bration’ to benefit Midcoast Humane
WCSH 6 News Center,
October 20, 2018 Fetch ME a Home: Marz
The Forecaster, October 17, 2018  Midcoast Humane Society offers shelter from the storm
Lincoln County News, October 16, 2018 Midcoast Humane Shelter-bration is Nov. 8
Lincoln County News, October 11, 2018 Midcoast Humane Offers Half-Price Adoptions in October
The Times Record, October 9, 2018 Shelter looking for families to adopt four-legged friends displaced by hurricane
The Kennebec Journal, October 7, 2018 ‘Huge’ feral cat problem plagues officials in Whitefield
The Coastal Journal, October 5, 2018 Coastal Humane Society, Lincoln County Animal Shelter announce new name
Courier-Gazette and Camden Herald October 4, 2018 Court gives state custody of four abandoned, malnourished dogs

September 2018

WCSH 6 News Center September 22, 2018 Fetch ME a Home: Maggie
Bangor Daily News
September 14, 2018 Coastal animal shelters team up to become Midcoast Humane
Wiscasset Newspaper September 14, 2018 Shelter adopts new name, Midcoast Humane

August 2018

Bangor Daily News, August 27, 2018 L.L. Bean holds ‘Dog Days of August’ event to raise money, celebrate pups
Bangor Daily News, August 11, 2018 Police: Dogs seized from Maine breeders had ‘open sores and overgrown claws’

July 2018

WCSH 6 News Center, July 7, 2018 Fetch Me a Home: Obi
Bangor Daily News, July 9, 2018 Kittens rescued after woman allegedly tosses them into Maine pond
New York Daily News, July 10, 2018 Two kittens saved in Maine
Coastal Journal, July 11, 2018  ‘Fiona’ seeks a sleepover in Lincoln County Animal Shelter’s new Slumber Party Program
WGME 13, July 27, 2018 Pet Food Drive / More than Just a Shelter
WGME 13, July 27, 2018 Puppy Kindergarten classes held at Coastal Humane Society
WGME 13, July 31, 2018 Brunswick officials to create panel to fight rabies
Boothbay Register, July 31, 2018 Fun, Fundraising Triumph at Mutt Scrub

June 2018

Lincoln County News, June 11, 2018 Shelters to Host Puppy Riot Adoption Event
Boothbay Register, June 11, 2018 Puppy Riot event June 14 in Brunswick and Edgecomb
The Times Record, June 22, 2018 Pet of the Week: Wellington
The Sun Journal, June 24, 2018  Program aims to help long-term shelter pets find homes
The Forecaster, June 28, 2018 Shelter offers dog days – and nights – of summer 


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