Amere napping

Amere likes paper. Walking on it, napping on it… He’s one of our best adoption counselors.

By Sarah Murray
Adoption Program Manager

If you have ever visited Midcoast Humane at our Range Road campus, then you will most likely know about Amere, the lobby cat. He has the distinction of being the only animal at Midcoast Humane that is not up for adoption.

Amere has been with the shelter for seven years.  He came to us in 2012, pulled from a hoarding situation where he lived with many other cats.  When Amere first arrived, we could tell he’d had ear mites in his previous home that had gone untreated, causing him to scratch at his ears.  This eventually made his ears fold down.  Many visitors that come through our lobby guess that Amere is a Scottish fold, which isn’t the case (though he appreciates the assumption about his lineage!).

In his early time with us, he tried out several adoptive homes, but he had a habit of expressing his dissatisfaction by using beds as litter boxes.  Then he’d be returned to the shelter, where he was perfectly content. Eventually we gave him run of the lobby, and he’s become a fixture of our shelter, with his own posse of adoring fans.

Sarah and Amere

Amere with his person, Sarah Murray, Adoption Program Manager at Midcoast Humane.

I met Amere when I was a volunteer for the shelter. I was learning dog-walking protocol when Amere hopped up onto the table and proudly walked over the training materials we were reviewing. (Which is something he does quite often.  He has processed many adoptions.)

It was the start of a strong friendship. At the time, I was a self-avowed “dog person,” but he picked me to be one of his favorite people.

He prefers to come to you when he wants attention. I feel honored that I can go to him whenever I want and he will let me do anything to him: I clip his nails, give him vaccines, and clean his ears, which he needs on account of his folded ears! (We might’ve tried the odd Halloween costume, too.)

If you are in the process of adopting, Amere usually needs to come over and walk all over anything you have laid out.  This is his own way of checking you out.  He personally inspects in-kind donations, testing cat beds and cat trees that come through the door, and snooping through boxes in case he sees something he likes.  He test drives the donations and gives them the all-clear to be brought to all the shelter animals.

Amere is looking snappy

Amere rocking one of his fancier bow-ties.

For the most part, Amere enjoys sleeping.  When he wants attention he will come out and find it, but for the most part, he’s curled up in one of the beds we have set up for him.  (I have a throne for him on the corner of my desk.) Amere even has his own wardrobe full of bow-ties and outfits. How many cats can boast the same?  In the warmer months, Amere also enjoys going for walks outside on a leash and harness.

My favorite moment to share with Amere is our morning routine.  Every morning when I unlock the shelter doors, he is waiting for me.  He follows me to my desk, where he gets three cat treats, and then he follows me down the main hallway.  Amere looks for stray kibble as I open up our cat rooms, and waits for me as I open up our dog area.

Anyone that knows me knows that Amere is my guy!  I love walking into the shelter and seeing his face and how happy he is to see me.  I love that whenever I call his name, he will come running over (I think mostly because he thinks he’s getting a treat).   Amere is a very special cat and I am so glad I know him and get to see him every day.  I won’t even try to tell you how many pictures I have of him on my phone….

On your next shelter visit, be sure to say hello to Amere. He’s the much-loved, rather spoiled “Scottish fold” napping blissfully in our bustling shelter lobby, truly a wonderful advocat for shelter animals.

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