In 2021, a six-year-old animal-lover named Lucas decided he wanted to raise money to benefit the animals of Midcoast Humane. With help from his family and community, Lucas organized a bottle drive and was able to donate $2,000 plus a variety of much-needed supplies!

In addition, the ASPCA learned that Lucas was inspired to act by one of their commercials featuring homeless animals. They were so moved by his compassion that they donated an additional $8,000 to the cause, bringing Lucas’ total to $10,000 raised. Click here to read about this amazing story!

This year, Lucas is holding another bottle drive during the month of April, and anyone can help him! Lucas has once again partnered with Hilltop Redemption Center (66 Bull Rock Rd. in West Bath), and everyone can help by dropping off their returnables! Just let Hilltop know that you want the proceeds to go towards Lucas’ campaign.

For more information about the drive and to learn other ways that you can help, join the Lucas’s Bottle Drive group on Facebook.

Let’s help Lucas make this year’s drive even bigger and better!

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