Dear Friends,

There is nothing like the holidays in the shelter. All year long, I look forward to the stretch from December 1st through the New Year; watching the ways the holiday spirit manifests in sheltering is beautiful.

Mainers embrace the spirit of care and giving during the holidays in a way I have not seen anywhere else. We receive donations for our pets all year long, but during the holiday season, our community goes above and beyond.

From the family that has decided to donate to support homeless pets in lieu of giving presents, to children who ask Santa for toys for our pets, to volunteers who happily find time to walk dogs or do laundry between family events, the sheer thoughtfulness and kindness of our supporters is humbling and special to behold.

We help more pets find their new homes during the holiday season than at any other time of year. There is nothing quite like looking around the shelter on the evening of December 24th after having run ragged for the preceding few weeks, and seeing so many empty pet housing spaces, knowing how many pets are sleeping in a warm home as a part of a family, instead of waiting in the shelter. 

We start all over again on the 26th to usher in the New Year, reaching out to areas with more pets than they can adopt out, helping community members with pets they cannot keep, and reuniting lost pets with their families. But for that one, beautiful moment, all is calm, all is bright, and there is peace in the shelter. For that, we thank you.

Best Wishes,

Jess Townsend
Executive Director, Midcoast Humane


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