Midcoast Humane’s out-of-state rescue efforts stall without resources to repair transport van

Last week, 33 dogs and cats saved by our partner, Castoff Pet Rescue in Blairsville, Georgia, were on their way to Maine to find their forever homes when Midcoast Humane’s Sprinter van broke down. With every light flashing on the dashboard, our staff was able to coast for five miles until they found the nearest gas station. Like the superheroes they already are, our friends from Castoff turned around from their journey home to once again help those in need. With the welfare of the animals as everyone’s #1 priority, the dogs and cats were back in Castoff’s van within minutes, and back on the road to Maine with the Midcoast team at the wheel.

In addition to our work here in Maine, Midcoast Humane helps to save the lives of thousands of animals living in overpopulated areas of the country. Thanks to our partnerships with animal rescue organizations like Castoff Pet Rescue, we saved more than 950 animals from these situations last year alone. Our gratitude and reverence for the hard work and dedication of our partners, their volunteers, and foster families grows every day.

Unfortunately,the Sprinter rescue van still sits almost 600 miles away, in need of more than $7,000 worth of repairs, and our partners are without their vanuntil we have the resources to return to Georgia and find our way home to Maine. These unexpected, significant expenses are more than Midcoast Humane can afford. We will be hard-pressed to get the van back on the road without additional resources. We rely on the Sprinter to help us save lives, and without the money to make the repairs, Midcoast Humane will have to cancel our trip next month to bring home more rescued animals– a decision that we do not consider lightly and hope we will not be forced to make.

It is our hope, our wish, that it may be possible to raise the money we need to get back on the road. If you can find a way to help contribute to the repairs of the Sprinter van, we would be beyond thankful. Thank you for your consideration.

Make a donation to our Sprinter van fund online, call us at 207-449-1366, or mail a contribution to Midcoast Humane, 190 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, ME 04011. Donations designated for the Sprinter that are beyond the cost of repairs will be reserved for future maintenance.

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We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports the work that we do every day. Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do, to help Midcoast Humane make life better for animals and people in our community.

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