Help us raise $50K in 50 Days!

Each dollar up to $50K will be matched by an anonymous generous donor.

Midcoast Humane’s challenge to raise $50K in 50 days kicks off on September 12th! 

Bringing care to 3,500 animals annually, and serving 39 municipalities across more than 1,000 square miles, Midcoast Humane is one of the state’s largest animal welfare organizations. With a demand for our services substantially increasing, we’re delighted that our modern new animal shelter in Brunswick is open at last!

Timing could not be more critical. We are seeing a significant increase in pet owners making the painful choice to give up animals for adoption. For some, their animal adoptions during the height of the pandemic have proved unworkable. Other individuals and families are finding it is especially difficult in the current tight market to find housing that allows pets.

Your generosity will allow us to leverage the many service opportunities in our new modern shelter and provide high-demand services to rural and underserved communities with unmet basic animal welfare needs. 

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