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Windstorm Recovery

UPDATE: We have reached our goal of $3,800 in Windstorm Recovery funds! While additional expenses may accrue, we are officially ending the fundraiser as we have reached our current goal. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, shared and reached out to help. We have an amazing group of supporters!


On Tuesday, March 2nd, a windstorm swept through midcoast Maine, knocking over trees at our Brunswick Range Road location, and bringing live wires down around our building. Our Mobile Surgical Unit (where we perform all surgeries and medical assessments) sustained severe damage. We are grateful that no people or animals were injured during the storm and that the damage was not more extensive.

While estimates are still coming in, we have sustained a minimum loss of $3,800. Please consider making a donation to help us cover this unexpected expense.

If you are unable to donate, but would like to make an impact, please consider sharing our campaign on social media. Visit our Facebook page to view our posts and help us spread the word.
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