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Barbara’s Miracle

Every day, the staff at Midcoast Humane witness miracles.

It was a stormy day in July 2021 when Barbara’s life was saved. Jeff Cooper, the Animal Control Officer for the town of Sabattus, was following up on a call when he discovered the stray kitten, who was soaking wet, frail and injured. It was clear that Barbara had been on her own for a long time, and that she needed help – fast.

Cooper raced Barbara to Midcoast Humane where our clinic team determined that she had sustained a head injury after being hit by a car. Dr. Cote, Midcoast Humane’s resident veterinarian, stabilized the kitten and treated her injuries. Though her eye had to be removed, Barbara could finally rest comfortably in the safe haven known as Midcoast Humane.

Barbara was quickly placed into foster care, where she recovered in comfort under the watchful eye of a veterinary technician. She began to gain weight, grow strong, and learn what it means to be a kitten. Upon healing, she was adopted by the very veterinary technician that nursed her back to health.

Barbara is now a spry and healthy cat who is loved and adored by her family, including her canine brothers Norman and Jed, Munchie the hamster and frogs Anton and Craig.

In the midst of saving animals like Barbara and thousands of others, 2021 has been a year full of uncertainty. We continue to take steps to protect our staff, upon whom the animals in our care depend, and bring more staff on board in hopes to fully reopen to the public. However, the loss in revenue from fundraising events, walk-in adoptions, and fewer animal transports has had a significant impact on our annual operating budget.

Although the future is bright as we build a new, modern shelter to house the homeless animals of Midcoast Maine, we still face uncertainty. Right now, we’re doing everything possible to sustain operations and provide the best future possible to the animals in our care. As we continue to adapt to our changing reality, more than ever, the animals in our care need us. And we need you.

With your help, we can continue to save abandoned, suffering animals like Barbara and place them in happy homes. Please consider a gift to Midcoast Humane’s Annual Fund today. If you’ve already supported us this year – thank you!

Wishing you a peaceful and healthy holiday season and new year.

Jess Townsend
Executive Director



PS. If you’d like to learn more about Midcoast Humane’s plans for the future, including ways to support our capital campaign for the construction of a modern new shelter to benefit the animals of midcoast Maine and beyond don’t hesitate to contact me at 207-449-1366 ext. 101. You can also reach out to our Development Director, Michelle Zichella, at ext. 102. We would be happy to speak to you. Thank you again for your support!

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