Copernicus had been at Midcoast Humane since June 6, 2019 and was always overlooked in favor of calmer dogs. Then while the COVID-19 crisis struck Maine and many people were forced to stay home, the right person came looking for Copernicus. Truly it was love at first sight! Off he went with his new partner to spend hours daily hiking, playing ball, and driving around for years to come.

Never in our 70 years of caring for homeless and injured animals have we had such a dire need for donations from the 40 communities we serve.


We are all stretched. We are all stressed. We understand. And we are all in this together.


The animals in our care have no voice but ours right now. We are asking you to take a moment, and please do all you can for them. Please make a donation today and consider linking to this page on your own social media channels to spread the word.

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