Rendering of exterior canine play areas at the new facility, 5 Industrial Parkway in Brunswick.

Capital Campaign for a New Shelter


Midcoast Humane has been helping homeless pets in Maine since 1950. Over those seven decades, dogs, cats and other animals in need have received food, shelter, medical care, and compassion through the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers. We have placed thousands upon thousands of animals in loving homes.

Now, we have a facility that will allow us to thrive. The entire building has been renovated, inside and outside, to reflect current standards in animal welfare. Every aspect of this building has been designed with the health and comfort of our shelter guests in mind. This modern, sustainable building will enable us to do more lifesaving work for animals—both now and in the decades to come.

While we’ve come a long way, we still need the support of our community.  This is an exciting time for Midcoast Humane, and we hope you will join us as we build the future together.

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Building Highlights

The new shelter will greatly expand our footprint, providing more space for the animals in our care, and streamlining operations for our staff. Other select features of the shelter include:

  • Upgrades to water access, drainage systems, flooring, sanitation, acoustics, ventilation, and more promote health and wellness in all shelter guests
  • Modern laundry facilities allow for improved protocols that prevent disease transmission within the shelter
  • A dedicated volunteer space will allow volunteers to take on larger projects and create additional volunteer-led programming
  • A dignified space for people to discuss options for helping their pets, whether that be through public assistance, spay/neuter vouchers, or by surrendering their pet to the shelter
  • Private entrance creates a compassionate space for emotional situations such as surrendering or reclaiming animals
  • Admissions location next to the medical suite allows animals to be seen immediately for intake exams, decreasing the likelihood of illness and disease spreading throughout the facility
  • Large, flexible space can accommodate a variety of programs such as training classes, humane education camp sessions, and even event gatherings

Medical Center and Surgery Suite Highlights

  • Expanded capacity and specialty equipment allow all medical services to be performed in-house, decreasing unnecessary stress on animals that would have to be taken to offsite clinics, and reducing expenses from transferring animals to emergency clinics

  • New X-ray equipment improves diagnostic capabilities

  • Introduction of new dental surgical equipment revolutionizes care and treatment for all animals, but is especially important to felines, as dental disease is the most common condition found in shelter cats and can often lead to system-wide infections and declining health

Animal Care Area Highlights

Cats, Small Animals and Birds
  • Cat Wing consists of 3,683 square feet divided into five feline service areas
  • Cat Living Rooms provide relaxed, comfortable areas for bonding with humans and other cats, and stress-free living areas for special needs felines and those struggling to adjust to shelter life
  • Companion Animal Rooms provide a better opportunity to ensure adoptions are a good fit and that adopters understand the resources provided to them, decreasing the number of animals returned to the shelter after going home.
  • Cats have a relaxed environment for meeting potential adopters
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals will have space of their own on our adoption floor, one they won’t have to give up to make room for kittens during the peak of kitten season
  • Small animals will have access to natural sunlight through large windows at the front of the building
  • Location of small animals near lobby elevates their visibility to visitors and adopters
  • Dedicated training space where owners will receive professional training to help keep dogs with behavior problems in their homes instead of being returned to the shelter
  • Several rooms available for adopters to comfortably meet pets regardless of weather conditions

  • Larger living space options for ‘bonded pairs’ of both dogs and cats who prefer to live together

  • Dog Livings Rooms are particularly beneficial for long-term residents whose stays with the shelter are longer

  • Low-stress housing for dogs who require extra space or prefer to be away from other animals to maintain positive mental health status
  • Companion Animal Rooms provide a better opportunity to ensure adoptions are a good fit and that adopters understand the resources provided to them, decreasing the number of animals returned to the shelter after going home

Naming Opportunities

Midcoast Humane has been serving Midcoast Maine for over 70 years without meaningful updates to its facilities. We’ve reached a point where our infrastructure is limiting our mission. The new shelter will allow Midcoast Humane to reach its full potential and ensure that every companion animal and every pet owner in Midcoast Maine has the resources they need to thrive. Will you help us make our vision a reality?

To view our available naming opportunities, click here.

To receive an updated list or discuss available opportunities, please contact our development department at
207-449-1366 x103 or

Ways to Give

The easiest and most direct way of supporting Midcoast Humane’s Capital Campaign is a tax-deductible gift of cash.

Avoid capital gains while taking a full-value deduction on your tax returns by making a gift of highly appreciated stock.

If you’re over age 70½, you can meet the required minimum distribution from your IRA by making a qualified charitable distribution of up to $100,000 per year; you’ll also lessen your taxable income.

Many endowment funds and employers offer opportunities to match gifts.

Include Midcoast Humane in your estate plans and leave a legacy of compassion.

Leave a legacy of hope and demonstrate your compassion for all the homeless animals of Midcoast Maine with the purchase of a personalized brick. The bricks will remain a meaningful, permanent element of the shelter’s grounds, and will be installed as part of Midcoast Humane’s walking path between the shelter entryway and the Memorial Garden. Buy a Brick by clicking here. 


To schedule a tour or learn more about the campaign, or to make an offline gift, please contact our development department at (207) 449-1366 x103 or

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