Can you help us with a special project?

We are collecting photos of animals that have been adopted from Midcoast Humane (previously from Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter). The photos will be featured as ‘success stories’ in a video that will be made available to the public through multiple channels.

We are looking for photos with the following features:

  • High resolution photos (none that are blurry or pixilated)
  • Photos where we can see the animals clearly
  • Photos without a lot of background clutter
  • Photos of the animals with their adopters are particularly appreciated!

If you are interested in sharing photos of your adopted animal (or you and your adopted animal!), please send an email to with up to ten photos attached. We will select several entries to feature in the video and will notify you if you are selected to participate.


Thank you so much for adopting from Midcoast Humane!




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