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Christine Calder, D.V.M. DACVB is the Director of Behavior Services at Midcoast Humane. In addition to improving the welfare and adoption potential of Midcoast Humane’s animal guests, she also consults on out of shelter behavior cases at Midcoast Humane’s administration building at 190 Pleasant Street in Brunswick.

Dr. Calder will see Dogs, Cats, Birds, Pocket Pets, Horses, Exotics/Zoo, or any other species of animal. The types of cases she sees include animals struggling with: aggression, fears, phobias, anxiety, compulsive disorders, elimination outside the litter box, house-soiling, feather picking behavior (birds), cognitive dysfunction syndrome, excessive vocalization, destructive chewing and many more.

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Email ccalder@midcoasthumane.org with any questions.

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