Over time, Bebe began to trust the staff and volunteers at Midcoast Humane.

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In June of 2021, Midcoast Humane took in several Australian Shepherds from the State of Maine Animal Welfare Department as part of a cruelty investigation. The dogs had been used for breeding, and upon being removed from the property, it appeared they had been living outdoors. None of them received adequate medical care, proper nutrition, or the least bit of human compassion.

When they arrived at Midcoast Humane, it was clear that they were in poor condition. They were immediately seen by our clinic team and treatment plans were set in place. Two of the dogs were placed into loving homes quickly, while the others required more intense levels of intervention.

Apart from their physical condition, several of the dogs experienced extreme levels of fear, anxiety and stress. They had never experienced human compassion, and were fearful of our staff members who treated them with kindness.

Bebe was perhaps the most fearful of the dogs. Upon arrival at the shelter, he suffered from painful mats across his body, an embedded collar, and his fur was caked with urine and feces. He’d never played with toys, walked on a leash, had his own bed, or known what it meant to just be a dog.

Slowly, our staff members began to earn Bebe’s trust, and generously rewarded his progress. After several weeks, Bebe had created a positive association with people. When his physical and emotional scars began to heal, he was ready to be placed for adoption.

We knew that Bebe would need a special adopter – someone who understood his fearfulness and was committed to making Bebe as comfortable as possible. We were so thrilled when Bebe finally found his new family!

His adopter knew she would need to earn Bebe’s trust before bringing him home, so Bebe remained in Midcoast Humane’s care for months as his new mom drove over an hour to visit him twice a week. When Bebe finally went home, we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Bebe’s adopter recently wrote to us about Bebe (now called HoneyBee and said:

He’s the sweetest, most loving boy ever, and just wants to love and be loved. He fell in love with the cats from the moment he met them, and has taken to caring for them. He really is such a great big brother to them. He still has a lot of anxiety around strangers, but we’re working on it and he’s becoming more and more open and trusting every day. It’s really been an amazing experience getting to know him, and teaching him that he can be a dog now. The first time he chose to grab a chew toy, I nearly started to cry. Seeing how excited he gets to go for walks makes me so incredibly happy. Even when he gets into trouble, I have to stop myself from smiling as he gives me that goofy face. I’m so extremely thankful for having met Honey and having the opportunity to give him a home.

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