Pet Details

Hi! I'm Tom!

Three year old Tom IS terrific! His honey colored golden coat is stunning and he is often found in the center of the room where he is admired by all who visit C Room. He seems cool and unflustered by the attention.

Tom must be approached gently as he is developing cataracts in both eyes and his vision is slightly impacted. If approached too quickly he may be startled and he has bitten in the past when that happened.   Unfortunately, this medical condition is expected to progress and his vision may continue  to deteriorate . 

Tom will need the most patient and loving of adopters who will do what is needed to maintain Tom's best life.

Age: 3 yr 4 mnths
Sex: Male
Primary Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Weight: 12 lbs 0 oz
Declawed: Not Declawed
Site: Brunswick Campus
Sub-site: Brunswick Campus
Location: C Room
Adoption Fee: $43

Coastal Humane Society

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