Pet Details

Hi! I'm Dill!


Written with love by Volunteer cat whisperer, Sue Skillings.

PSST, hello, I'm over here,
Inside my hidie hole, but near,
To toys and food and other cats,
I like them, but not full-on pats,
I'm still unsure of whom to trust,
The world's still scary, but if you just,
Come closer, you can't help but see,
There's really so much more to me,
Than a shiny coat of black and white,
And golden eyes so full of light,
I'm still a babe who needs a chance,
Teach me to sing, teach me to dance.

Every Cat is Someone's Cat

I am a very shy boy.  I have begun to show some progress in coming out of my shell and would love to go home with someone who will give me the love, time and patience I need to be the great cat I know I can become. 

I am very interested in playing with wand toys. When playing with the toys, I sometimes forget how shy I am.   I love to catch the toy and carry it in my mouth back to my hiding place—even if it’s still attached to the string!  This could be an indication that I’d be a first class hunter.  If you have a mouse problem in or around your house, I could easily take care of it for you. 

I LOVE cat treats!

If I am sleeping, you can quietly approach me and gently pat me.  If I am awake and you approach me, I will probably run away from you.  Once I get to my forever home and relax, I hope to become a wonderful companion.  Please come and visit me!

Age: 0 yr 7 mnths
Sex: Male
Primary Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Declawed: Not Declawed
Site: Brunswick Campus
Sub-site: Brunswick Campus
Location: C Room
Adoption Fee: $85

Coastal Humane Society

I'd like to adopt a: