Pet Details

Hi! I'm Hilda!

Hilda is a waif-like calico with a Raggedy Ann hair-doo😁. She is a member of a recent transport from a rescue in West Virginia. A number of cats from that rescue were long termers at that facility and the move to Maine was hoped to give them a new beginning. Hilda lived at her old shelter for 2 -3 years after her owner died. She is estimated to be 2 years and 1 month old, so I guess we don't really know her age.

Described by her former rescuers as a  beautiful calico who is not really comfortable being picked up and who makes it clear when she has had enough patting, here in free roaming cat room C, she has mostly spent her time hiding. She has cuddled with a couple of her West Virginia friends. and has just discovered that the cat access  window is now open on nice days and she's been enjoying that freedom. We're working on her confidence.

​​​With a new look and a new life she'd be a glamour-girl!

Come n an check her out! She could be "Your Fair Lady"😘



Age: 2 yr 1 mnths
Sex: Female
Primary Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Weight: 8.31 lbs
Declawed: Not Declawed
Site: Brunswick Campus
Sub-site: Brunswick Campus
Location: C Room
Adoption Fee: $85

Coastal Humane Society

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