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Hi! I'm Keisha!

Five-year-old Keisha is a black and white female who arrived at Midcoast Humane on an interstate transport from a Florida Rescue organization. Not much is known about her except that when originally rescued, she was nursing 4 kittens - so she has been a mama. She's been dreaming of a home and family in Maine.  Are you her dream come true?

Since Keisha's arrival at Midcoast Humane, several medical concerns have been noted. After an incident of respiratory difficulty, she was diagnosed with feline asthma. Our vet also noted that she may have an enlarged liver, with no observed associated symptoms. Both of these conditions will need to be monitored by her adopter's veterinarian. 

Keisha has a tear staining area below her left eye which we gently wash every day. She is a GREAT LOVER OF HER HUMAN FRIENDS, but does not like her feline roommates!

This animal’s adoption fee is $0 because they need a very special home! They may have medical or behavioral needs that will require their new owners to invest in them, or they may have been waiting a really long time for just the right person! Ask a team member for details, or visit to learn more. We recommend a donation to help support all of our animals as no animal is ever really “free.”

I am a part of Midcoast Humane's No Paw Left Behind initiative. This means that I have been available for adoption for over 30 days. You may see me online or on the ( to help me find my forever home.


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Age: 5 yr 6 mnths
Sex: Female
Primary Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Weight: 8 lbs
Site: Brunswick Campus
Sub-site: Brunswick Campus
Location: C Room
Adoption Fee: $0

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