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Our Team

Administrative Team

Executive Director
Jess Townsend, (207) 449-1366 x101

Director of Finance
Ruth Glaeser, (207) 449-1366 x104

Marketing & Communications Manager
Kate Griffith, (207) 449-136 x105

Administrative Coordinator
Bethany Oliver, (207) 449-1366 x103


Shelter Operations Team

Medical Director
Dr. Menolly Cote, (207) 449-1366 x102

Community Resource Manager
Tammy Walsh, (207) 449-1366 x303

Customer Care Manager
Marianna Sargent, (207) 449-1366 x107

Clinic Manager
Jessica Lunt, (207) 449-1366 x200

Canine Care Manager
Erika Wood, (207) 449-136 x113

Feline & Small Animal Care Manager
Lauren Stockless,
(207) 449-1366 x113

Volunteer Coordinator
Zach Fenoff, (207) 449-1366 x108

Transport Coordinator
Kristen Mitchell, (207) 449-1366 x106

Foster Coordinator
Evie Bricker, (207) 449-1366 x112

Board of Directors

Bill Muldoon
Board Chair

Beth Chiquoine

Molle Pacheco

Ed Blaine
Board Member

Julie Cromwell
Board Member

Jill Hibyan
Board Member

Kristen McAuley
Board Member

Colleen McInnis
Board Member

Chris Minihan
Board Member

Mason Palmatier
Board Member

Chris Teague
Board Member

Alexis Toothaker
Board Member

Tammy Vachon
Board Member

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