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Once existing as two individual animal shelters, we came together to be a bigger, better force for animals. Now, Midcoast Humane is one of the biggest shelters in the state of Maine, operating animal sheltering facilities in Brunswick and Edgecomb. We provide care and second chances to nearly 3,500 animals every year, and assist hundreds more through our programming.

But we’re not just about the animals – Midcoast Humane is about the people, too. We dropped “Society” from our title, because we’re not a membership organization, and we are not exclusive. Animal companions are for everyone, and all can make a difference in the lives of animals.

We hold municipal contracts with 39 towns along Maine’s Midcoast, but our adopters come from across the state and New England.

We also run a store in beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Midcoast Humane Thrift Shop, which helps support our life-saving work.

Every animal that comes through our door receives excellent medical care, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, care and comfort while they’re with us. We believe that every life is worth saving, and are proud of our 97% Live Release Rate. 


  • Adoption Agency We find loving, ideal homes for nearly 3,500 animals per year, in Midcoast Maine and beyond.
  • Pet Surrenders We accept pets from distressed situations and from citizens in our contracted towns that can no longer care for their animals.
  • Transport & Rescue We partner with animal rescue organizations across the region and nation to save animals from overcrowded areas where adoption numbers are low.
  • Stray Animals We accept stray and neglected animals from 40 communities.
  • Veterinary Care for our Shelter Residents We provide for all health needs of the animals in our care.
  • Foster Care We socialize and foster at-risk animals
  • Enrichment We make sure animals fill their minds as well as their tummies while they’re with us through enrichment activities and behavior training to keep their brains active.
  • Community Cats Program We teach and train community members to care for feral cats, practicing TNR (trap, neuter, return) through our Community Cats Program.
  • Barn Buddies We place feral and semi-feral “Barn Buddies” cat in suitable environments.
  • Educate the Next Generation We promote humane education for kids with school visits and our Animal Camp and Vet for a Day summer programs.
  • Educate our Community We offer affordable canine obedience courses as well as workshops and seminars for pet owners.
  • Pet Care Assistance We offer low-cost vaccination and microchipping clinics, spay/neuter assistance, a pet food pantry, and some veterinary assistance for low-income households.


MIDCOAST HUMANE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned pets and helping Mainers find loving companions. We strive to enhance the human/animal bond in everything we do, and be a resource for pet owners and animal lovers in our communities, helping people become better caretakers and advocates for all of our animal friends through classes, camps, workshops, and collaboration with our knowledgeable staff people. Our Federal Tax ID: 01-6021200.  Our shelter license numbers are: #F144 S (Brunswick Campus) and #F161 (Edgecomb Campus).

Mission Statement

Midcoast Humane. Making life better for animals and people in our community.

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