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Linda came to Midcoast Humane earlier this year after a concerned citizen brought in the cat who was living on her own and in need of help. You see, not only was Linda covered in lesions, but she was also pregnant!

She immediately received medical attention and was quickly placed into one of our most experienced foster homes where she could rest in a quiet, safe environment. Soon, Linda gave birth to three perfect kittens. Linda’s foster mom reported “Linda was a total sweetheart and a great mom to her kittens– super attentive to them. It was amazing to watch her teach the kittens how to be confident cats while she was still barely more than a kitten herself.”

The kittens grew healthy and strong in the comfort of their foster home and were soon adopted into loving homes. Now it was Linda’s turn, and we wanted to find the perfect family for this sweet, snuggly and chatty girl!

As soon as we posted her picture on social media her new adopters fell in love! They wrote:

Out of everyone that applied, we were lucky enough to be chosen to adopt this sweet girl that had been through the rough time of being a stray, pregnant, and having kittens. She made it through and is now thriving comfortably in her new loving home. With no hesitation, she began exploring, looking out the windows, playing with her new toys and finding the best spots to sleep. They say she is around 4 years old, but acts as if she is a kitten in terms of how playful and active she is. Her favorite activity is playing with her beloved mousey toy — grabbing it in her mouth and basically playing fetch like a dog. She runs around like crazy and always follows us wherever we go. She is an avid sleeper and of course, always looking for her next meal. She especially loves her treats! Our home is now complete and we feel more than blessed to have a fur baby like her to love on!

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