Can you bring something for under our tree? For 12 days in December, the 12th through the 23rd, we are asking for special items for our animals. These are the things we go through the fastest. Each day is something different!  Remember the animals in your gift giving this year, and stop by to see them for a special holiday visit! Donations can be brought to either campus, 30 Range Road in Brunswick or 27 Atlantic Highway in Edgecomb.

Here is our holiday wish list. You can print out this list and even find these items on our wish list and have goods shipped right to our door. Questions? Call 725-5051. Thank you and happy howlidays from all of us at Midcoast Humane!

The 12 Days of Giving supply drive at Midcoast Humane

Wednesday, December 12
Bleach We go through a lot of bleach to keep our animal spaces clean and comfy!

Thursday, December 13
Towels Cleaning out your linen closet? We want your old towels!

Friday, December 14
Peanut Butter This is like gold around here, and we use it daily in our dog enrichment activities. (Make sure it is free of xylitol, an artificial sweetener that can upset tummies.)

Saturday, December 15
Kitty Litter Unscented, clay litter is best!

Sunday, December 16
Dog Food – Canned and Dry We ask for only dye-free food, because many of our pups have sensitive stomachs.

Monday, December 17
55-Gallon Trash Bags We use these strong, oversized bags in our daily cleaning.

Tuesday, December 18
OdoBan  Powerful deodorizer, because… well, you know. Available at Home Depot, Walmart, and most hardware stores.

Wednesday, December 19
Kitten Food Dry food that is specially-formulated for growing little stomachs!

Thursday, December 20
Paper Lunch Bags We prepare special treats for our dogs using these inexpensive bags.

Friday, December 21
Paper Towels For spot cleaning and more!

Saturday, December 22
Cat Food – Canned and Dry We ask that you bring only dye-free food, so we don’t upset any tummies.

Sunday, December 23
Paper Plates We love disposable plates to serve up meals quickly when we’re in a time crunch or if our dishwasher is working overtime!


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