A photo of Miss Kitty when she lived in South Carolina in 2007.

We have recently assisted in the homecoming of two pets, both considered permanently lost by their families. We were able to reunite the families because both of these pets were microchipped and the owners kept their information updated despite the length of time the pets were missing.
Miss Kitty went missing in 2009. Her owner, Jennifer Banis, was heartbroken. Miss Kitty was her mother’s pet that she adopted and brought to Maine after her mother passed away 12 years ago. Miss Kitty turned up at Midcoast Humane after a full decade of being missing, and for Ms. Banis, it felt like she found a new connection to her deceased mother. Unfortunately, despite treatment for a collapsed trachea, anemia and a severe flea infestation, Miss Kitty passed away but surrounded by her loving family and not alone.

Benson the Boston Terrier.

Benson was lost two years ago, and was recently seized by the police during an investigation. When he arrived at Midcoast Humane, his microchip was scanned and it was discovered to not be associated with the person from whom he was seized, but rather his original owner. The owner had continued to update his contact information, and because of that, Benson returned home at last.

The cost to microchip your dog or cat is only $25, and we are happy to do it on a walk-in basis during regular hours at the Midcoast Humane shelter in Brunswick at 30 Range Road. Hours for the shelter are noon to 4:00 p.m. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and noon to 6:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. We are closed on Wednesdays and all major holidays.
Did you know that all dogs and cats adopted from Midcoast Humane are microchipped?
Important : Please be sure to keep your contact information current for every pet’s microchip. How do you make updates? 1) Get your microchip number from your adoption paperwork, pet health records, rabies certificate or vet office. 2) If you do not already have the contact information for the pet recovery service at which the microchip is registered, go to www.petmicrochiplookup.org to search using the microchip number. 3) Contact the microchip company online or by phone to provide them with your updated information. You will be so happy you took the time to do this if your pet ever becomes lost!

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